Baby Essentials for Newborn-6 months

If you haven’t guessed, being a new parent isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It took at least a month for Alec and I to get a swing of things, and right when we did, our daughter sensed our rising security and changed her routine on us! Here are our go-to items that helped us figure it out along the way, as well as Wren’s favorite items. She just turned six months on Christmas Eve, so I figured it was the perfect time to make this post! I’m sure that this list will differ from our other future children, but these are life-savers for us right now. Click on the item names to be directed to a link for purchase!

1. SwaddleMe

These actually saved our mental health. For the first month of her life, Wren would become very overtired and overstimulated and screamed for 3 hours from 6-9 every night. Once we figured out what was wrong, these swaddles were LIFE. They calmed her within minutes, and prevented her from flailing around and waking herself up again when we set her down. She slept longer and deeper in these, and we are forever grateful.

2. EcoPiggy Pacifiers

My holy grail of pacifiers. These are made out of 100% natural rubber and our little preferred these nipples to those of the basic plastic paci’s. She rarely falls asleep without one, and the softness of these puts me at complete ease of mind if one happens fall out and get wedged under her cheek. No hard plastic to potentially roll on and injure her! They come in 2 sizes, newborn to 6 months, and then 6 months plus.

3. Colic Calm

Infants have a lot of gas. Like, WAY more than I ever thought they could. They fart like adults. If your baby is stopped up, this gripe water is amazing. It is gentle and natural, and doesn’t contain fillers. The charcoal makes it less than appetizing, and your little one might gag, but the results are worth it.

4. KidCo HuggaPod

Babies are often too nosy for their own good and want to sit up way before they are able to. This seat insert fits into exersaucers, high chairs, you name it. Also provides an extra layer of germ protection, and, why not?

5. Ikea High Chair

Simple, easy to clean, with no obnoxious colors that might clash with your home decor. What’s not to love?

6. JJ Cole Bundle Me

Tired of blankets falling out of your carrier and/or stroller? This cover grips over your carseat to keep your little one cozy and warm, which is great for this winter season. It also comes in a stroller size…win!

7. Infantino 4-in-1 Baby Carrier

This baby carrier is affordable and flips 4 different ways to fit your baby. Like I said, babies are nosy, so Wren always prefers to face out. Super comfortable for both of you and allows you to be hands free!

8. Honest Soothing Bottom Spray

This gentle aloe cleanser is awesome for on-the-go. Simply spray after cleaning your baby’s poop and wipe away. I use this every morning on Wren after her nightly diaper, and then spritz on her body for a quick sponge bath!

9. Organic Rooibos Tea

As a second-generation South African, I was raised on rooibos tea. There are so many benefits of drinking and applying this topically to the skin, and gentle enough for babies 4 months and older. Simply steep a bag until lukewarm and put in a bottle. The natural sweetness makes it tasty for babies! This greatly helped Wren when she was constipated, and cleared up her heat rash and baby acne in two weeks. Her pediatrician couldn’t stop commenting about how beautiful her skin was after she starting drinking this! This tea also is packed with antioxidants that helps to boost the immune system.

10. Wooden Pacifier Clips

I cannot rave about these enough. These make any baby outfit more stylish. When your baby starts to teethe, these beads are the perfect size to nom on, and the loops aren’t just for pacifiers. I hook up teethers, toys, you name it, and clip it to her clothing. Great to use at restaurants, doctor’s offices, grocery stores, basically any place you don’t want your baby toys touching the ground.

11. Nursing Cover

One of my favorite purchases. This nursing cover quadruples as a nursing cover, car seat cover, scarf and blanket. SUPER soft and breathable, and comes in a bunch of patterns and colors.

12. Wipe Warmer

This may be an unnecessary purchase for some, but this changed our diaper changing game when we received it 3 months ago. Great for midnight diaper changes, and facilitates a cozier, gentler change instead of startling a sleepy babe with a freezing cold wipe.

13. Yoga Ball

I wonder how many hours we spent bouncing on this thing. During Wren’s first month, this was the only way we could soothe her and get her to sleep. I even nursed her on it! It seemed to help with her acid reflux, and got out all her gas. She definitely prefers this to the rocking chair (and a cheaper alternative if you don’t have one), and loves it to this day. If you are currently pregnant and bought one to prepare for labor, consider keeping it around to see if your little one prefers it!

14. Boppy Pillow

This pillow is a dream. I used it around my waist to rest Wren on while she nursed (she loved it so much it often became her napping place) and use it now to support her sitting if i need to walk away. Definitely bring it with you to the hospital when you go into labor, too! Helps you adjust to nursing, especially as a first time mom. Plus, you can get any color/pattern of cover that you want these days! I hope this list helps any first time moms out there looking into baby essentials. Good luck and happy shopping!

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