A Trip to Longwood

What’s been going on with the Curry’s lately….

On Saturday we visited our favorite botanical gardens with a sweet friend of mine. We got a membership for Christmas which is honestly my favorite thing ever! Truly a gift that keeps on giving. Plus, it’s nice to be 15 minutes from the #1 botanical garden in the U.S.! They just changed from their Christmas display to a stunning orchid show and it was magical. It was overcast and cold, but we warmed up with coffee and Longwood’s famous mushroom soup in the café. Alec loathes mushrooms, so I order them whenever we go out, as much as possible!

Alec had Monday off for MLK day, so he took me out for a breakfast date in town. I ordered a standard egg, sausage and hashbrown plate with toast, and it ended up being one of the best breakfasts I’ve had! I don’t know what magical pixie dust they sprinkled on there, but oh man. I see you, Classic Diner!

We took the rest of the day to go to the mecca of everything good and Swedish, IKEA. Bought three things after 3 hours, which was a new low record, and scrounged around at Target for long sleeve body suits for Wren. Can I just say, it’s way too hard to find neutral basics for babies!

In other news, Wren turned 7 months old today. I can’t even believe how much she’s learned in this past month. She’s mastered crawling and pulls herself up on anything and everything, trying to stand. She says about 5 words, too. My heart explodes when I watch her try to take in and learn about the world around her. She’s working on a few more teeth and has been feeling under the weather- but that hasn’t put a damper on her curious spirit. We love you, sweetie!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. lbrooks342 says:

    Where was this diner located?
    And also love the sweaters you and the Baby have on. Simply beautiful Thanks for sharing


  2. McKenna York says:

    Looks like so much fun! Wren’s hat is so cute!


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